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What happens when you are hypnotised?

Hypnosis is really a transition of states. In hypnosis you may move from normal waking consciousness into a more relaxed state of mind and then deeper into a more meditative state and then, if appropriate, into an even deeper state resembling sleep.

The brainwaves of each of these states can be measured and have been categorised as beta, alpha, theta, and delta.

Beta 13-40 hz

Awake and alert. A sharp state of consciousness characterised by focus, cognition and concentration. In this state hypnosis can occur using subtle language patterns and metaphors which satisfy the conscious mind whilst creating triggers in the subconscious mind.


Alpha 8-13 hz

A more relaxed state of wakeful awareness.  States of visualisation, daydreaming and creativity. Here a balanced state of conscious and subconscious awareness can be used to create agreement between the two minds through suggestion. A very useful and open state where you retain full control of your faculties.

Theta 4-7 hz

A deeply relaxed state verging on sleep where you can access intuition, inspiration and memory. A very pleasant hypnotic state characterised by vivid recall and imagery. There may be a sensation of floating. An intensely focussed level where deep work can be done as the mind opens to the significance of positive suggestions.

Hypnosis is beneficial for the brain. Time spent in hypnotic creates the same structural changes to the brain as that produced during meditation. Images of brain density show an increase in the area of the hippocampus which helps with learning and memory and a decrease in the amygdala which responds to stress.


By working with a professional hypnotherapist you can access these beneficial states and reprogram your subconscious mind to achieve the changes you wish to make by letting go of habits of behaviour or thought which are no longer useful to you. These unhelpful patterns can be replaced by implanting desired habits or attitudes. By aligning all parts of the mind towards an aim your energies will no longer be dispersed or even working against you as they probably do now. You will be pleasantly surprised and delighted at how beneficial suggestions become a powerful force for good in your life, allowing you to easily overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

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