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Are you suffering from anxiety to the point where it is interfering with your enjoyment of life? I use a combination of approaches incorporating hypnotherapy and counselling  to help you calm down in situations that trigger you and work at a deeper level to resolve the beliefs that are causing your anxiety. For most cases a brief therapy approach will work best:


Clearing the path: In our first (extended) session we will discuss the history of your problem and refine goals which are then instilled into your subconscious mind.

Tracing tracks: In following sessions we will use imagery and dialogue to heal the wounds underlying your old patterns.

Sealing the road: In our final session we direct your future while allowing for creative change. 

Brief Therapy is particularly suited for fear based problems such as anxiety and phobias.

If you have suffered extensive trauma around the issue then further sessions may be advised. In such cases the brief therapy program is an excellent foundation for more detailed work.

First session: $225

Follow up sessions: $150


Use the contact form below to  get started, or call me on:

02 43 410 464

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