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Meditation & Dreamwork


Meditation for anxiety and self development taught by a clinical hypnotherapist with two decades' experience of meditation in spiritual and clinical traditions.

Come along and learn different ways of dropping into a relaxed state of body and mind when you need it most. Share as much or as little of your experiences as you feel comfortable in a supportive collaboration.

Learn how to ask your subconscious mind for answers to the difficulties you face and come away refreshed from contact with that deeper part of yourself.



'What did you dream last night?' is the most important question of the day for the Senoi
people of Malaysia. At breakfast every family member shares their dream, and later at the
village council the discussion of dreams continues. The Senoi people are guided by their dreams to make alliances, embark on projects and in the timing and location of their compound. Violence of any form is rare in Senoi culture and neurosis unheard of.


As a poet dream symbols and metaphors fascinate me. As a clinical hypnotherapist I routinely guide clients into the rich dream landscape of their own
imagination where symbolic learnings and healings can occur. As a dreamer I keep my own journal of dreams and work with them to garner insight and inspiration.

I did my Gestalt Psychotherapy masters thesis on dreamwork and have an enduring fascination with how the subconscious mind communicates with us through dreaming.

Methods of journalling dreams and improving recall will be discussed in our first session. Then we will focus on the dreams themselves and allow them to reveal their own meanings through gentle enquiry and activation. The emphasis will be how dreaming can become a resource which guides authentic actions in life.

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