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Half-Written Book Club​

The Half-Written Book Club began in 2001 and now boasts a number of published authors among our members.

If you have a book that you never seem to finish then come along and join us. We meet once a month. During our meetings you can talk about your project and we take turns to share a piece of writing for feedback. Enjoy peer-to-peer support with other writers who will advise and encourage your writing.

When: 6:30pm on 1st Friday month

We are now on zoom and have two groups going, please email a little about yourself and we will get back to you.

Friday Night Poets​

The Friday Night Poets have been supporting each other's writing since 2001.

We meet once a month to share poems amongst a really supportive group of peers, many of them published poets. Come along and be with other writers who really care that you keep writing and will give you some fabulous feedback. What what already works in your poems? Where you can tighten and where would it be better to loosen the thread of words upon the page?

When: 6:30pm on 3rd Friday of the month

Cost: $10 waged/$5 unwaged

Just email to let me know you are interested.

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