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What approaches work best for depression?

The skills known to reduce and even prevent depression include:


  • thinking clearly (as taught in cognitive therapies)

  • behaving effectively (as taught in behavioral therapies)

  • relating positively to oneself and others (as taught in interpersonal therapies)


Source: Michael Yapko: Breaking Patterns of Depression

When hope is dwindling fast and the black dog of depression is nipping at your heels I understand you need real help, right now.

Together we will find the way back into your life.


Using a combination of therapies, underpinned by a relational approach, we will look at your triggers and beliefs and begin dismantling thought patterns that no longer serve you, setting realistic boundaries and goals, and nurturing healing relationships that will sustain you.

First session: $225

Follow up sessions: $150


Use the contact form below to  get started, or call me on:

02 43 410 464

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