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What needs to change for you to lose weight and keep it off year after year? 


Empower yourself for long term weight reduction without surgery. 

Has your body got away from you? Have you tried dieting and suddenly found yourself with forbidden food in your hand without knowing how it got there? Who was that? Who is eating for you?

Using parts therapy under hypnosis we will:

  • explain to the subconscious that your current behaviour is no longer the best choice for you

  • give clear instructions so your metabolism will safely begin to make the desired changes for you to burn calories

  • find solutions which are agreeable to all parts of you and replace old habits with healthy alternatives.

Who can benefit from hypnotic weight control?

One of the tasks of the subconscious is to care for you. Every moment of your life your subconscious mind is subtly adjusting respiration and heartbeat, the secretion of hormones, the direction of your attention and the flavour of your memories. It knows what foods are good for you and what you enjoy doing for exercise.

While everyone can benefit by aligning their conscious and subconscious minds towards any goal, hypnotic weight control is especially indicated if:

  • you have lost weight before through diet and exercise and then seen it gradually creep on till you were exactly where you were before – it is as though your body has decided this is the weight you need to be and returns like a spring to the place

  •  you put on weight during puberty or after a trauma – this might indicate that your subconscious has mistaken beliefs about what body shape is safe for you and is trying to protect you with a shield of flesh

  • you eat pretty much the same as everyone else, but they stay slim and you put on weight – your metabolism is slower than theirs and can be safely reset by instructions to the subconscious mind (medical tests to rule out thyroid and other homone imbalances may be advised)

  • you have a body image problem and do not love all parts of you – the subconscious mind will not help you unless it knows you truly value and appreciate your body and it is worth making changes for

  • you have put on weight after slowing down your level of activity following an injury or retirement – the subconscious mind does not realize you no longer need the same amount of fuel and  has not automatically adjusted

  • you hate dieting and exercise regimes – the subconscious mind can interpret diet and exercise as punishments and actively resist implementing routines even though your conscious mind knows they are good for your health.


It takes 21-28 days to change the neural pathways of a habit. For one month we will work together to bring harmony to your body through suggestions to regulate your metabolism and the establishment of those beneficial habits that you have long wished to adopt. Attention will be paid to sleep, diet and exercise in accordance with your situation.


To find out more about how to lose weight and keep it off with hypnosis contact me through the form below or call me on:

02 43 410 464

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