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Clinical Hypnotherapist

Gestalt Psychotherapist

Welcome to The Clearing, a space for things to happen, owned and operated by Liz Macnamara.

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist with international training from leaders in the field. I also have a Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapist and provide therapeutic counselling services for depression and anxiety.

My Journey to Hypnotherapy

It began with a visit to my aunt in hospital where I found her writhing in pain. She was dying and we both knew it. The nurse administered morphine but it did not take long before her limbs started moving about again, indicating the pain had returned. I was left alone with her to say goodbye. Helpless before her I started singing – I still don’t know why – this was completely out of character! So shocking in fact that she froze on the spot.

     Then an amazing thing happened: when I wove my dear aunt's name into the song she looked directly into my eyes and her whole body relaxed. We stayed locked in this moment of contact till the song ended, in fact until someone else came into the room.

     Through the grief that followed that moment stayed with me. I did not know what had happened - believe me my singing is not something you would normally call healing! I decided to find out how I had broken through her pain completely and given us that moment of clarity together.

     I discovered I had accidentally hypnotised her. That realization led me to train as a hypnotherapist. I sought out the best training I could find and studied with European, American and Australian schools to master my craft.

     It was a moment that changed my life, and perhaps it can change your life too. Don’t worry: I won’t sing to you. I will use a combination of ancient and modern approaches to show you how you can control your perceptions, let go of old habits or install new ones, and renew your zest for life.      

About Us


I was feeling really stressed out and was having frequent panic attacks. I did not like how I was feeling and knew I had to do something about it.

I had a consultation with Liz. Liz listened as well as asked relevant questions to gain understanding and insight to my situation. I felt very comfortable and relaxed in her presence and I quickly knew I could trust her and relax.

In my hypnosis session, through Liz’s help and techniques, I was able to relax deeply.

Thanks to Liz’s help, I have now re-prioritised my life to make time for myself. I have learned how I can manage my stress.

I feel empowered to make the right decisions for myself.


I attended the New Body Wisdom open day at The Clearing on Gnostic Corner with a friend. I was there more for support and i was also looking for something more to fine tune a few things. I connected with Liz’s presentation and signed up on the spot to fine tune my evening eating habits.

After the first session Liz mentioned she would like to see me again and I thought I was good as I have done a lot of growth/healing in the past. To my amazement for the next four weeks we cleared a lot more of the childhood beliefs that have sabbotaged my life.

If you are looking for a better life I strongly suggest you be open to Liz’s way for growth as I have also done this of type of work with my Life Coach and it is well worth the investment and time to have Liz help you explore your old belief systems and to change the thought processes of that little child within.

I am so very grateful that Liz came into my life as know with the fine tuning I have received I can face life with my love.

Just remember though baby steps will unearth the real potential in you.


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Traditional Medicine Centre

1/78 Booker Bay Rd

Booker Bay 2257 \\ (02) 4341 0464

Opening Hours

Wednesday & Saturday

Other times by arrangement


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